New America.

Here are a few crappy phone pictures from the shoot I did earlier this week.

We used the beautiful Octavia from Premier, who had only flown into the UK from her homeland Poland the day before. She is over for castings for Fashion Week, but luckily thanks to the wonderful people at Premier, we got to use her for the shoot.

Super cute.

The best thing about the day. My assistant Aimee. Couldn't have done it without her.

2nd best thing about the day. The feast from Noodle Xpress that Hugh the photographer treated us too. Chicken Satay sure ain't very fashion, but it sure is very yum.

Massive thank you to all that helped, especially Thom, Stephen, Amber @BSA Distribution, Violet at Boudicca, Hannah @ Dust, the lovely Cat at Rokit Brick Lane and most importantly Benny for being our taxi service for the day.

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