Bare things on my mind today. From my years working as the reception at a plethora of hair salons in Central London I have access to some of the best hairdressers a girl can have. This weekend the very lovely and very handsome Declan will be fixing my colour up a treat. Declan is a colour genius.

Last week at the Jess Penfold exhibiton at WAH nails I saw a girl with the perfect pastel pink long bob. It was inspiring. This got me thinking of the perfect shade of apricot.

Something like this would be nice.

Then maybe I could learn how to blow dry my own hair. With this hairdryer I found on Charlie Le Mindu's blog. Isn't it the best thing you've ever seen?

Next up, I couldn't not mention the separated at birth-ness of these two skirts. One is Burberry, one is River Island. I am making it my mission of the day to see when this skirt hits stores, River Island obviously.

I have also rekindled my love with Ebay over the past few days, or since Benny put £50 in my Paypal. Winner. Whilst waiting patiently for my Chelsea boots and earring holder to arrive from Hong Kong I continue to search for the perfect pair of antlers to hang above my dressing table. Funnily enough I was inspired by the new ish Stella McCartney ad featuring none other than the most famous and doe eyed dear ever, Bambi. Sorry Stella, I'm a barbarian.

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