Going Live.

Last night saw the super busy launch of new quarterly online mag Ribbed. And did the House of Ribbed put on a good show? Hell yes. I’m hanging. Ribbed is the brainchild of super talented Laurence Matthew Blake, super cute Matilda Finn and their super friends Alex Wilson and Tim Hilton. Promising to deliver what is missing from the pages in your standard glossy monthly and be the magazine that people want to read, Issue 1 sees the work of photographer super icon Mark Lebon, as well as some less known names. Also features a mini documentary on Dalston based artist Lenni Lee which I am well chuffed about. One of Lenni’s best pieces ended up under my Christmas tree this year thanks to a very wonderful Benny. Unfortunately, the piece is still yet to be hung up as we require some big strong men with big tall ladders. (Offers appreciated.)

Being a predominantly online magazine means that each month Ribbed will take a different theme and web layout. Many people are beefing on the rise of online magazines. Haters gonna hate and all that but what’s great about Ribbed is that it is creating a platform for some really great unknown names. Something tells me the website is gonna be mega – “Ribbed magazine will push boundaries with modern technology and ideas to juxtapose still and moving imagery.” Sick.

Going live at 12pm today, be sure to check what all the fuss is about.

Check back soon for an interview with the main man himself, Laurence Matthew Blake.

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