Return of the Mac.

Excuse the dreadfully obvious title. But who could resist the pun. It’s not like the trench every really left. It has been a wardrobe staple for me ever since I inherited my Nan’s old Burberry. I say inherited in the loosest possible sense, it was more like stolen.

Living in Hackney has it’s pro’s and con’s. Percy Ingle Pro. Day time stabbings Con. Another massive pro is obviously the Burberry outlet factory. I have fond memories of my Dad taking me here when I was a teenager with a fetish for a Burberry scarf. Don’t judge.

Not everything at the outlet is an absolute steal, but you can get some good reductions on some last season trenches, like the studded one that Aggy wore. Deal.

Burberry has launched a huge bring back the trench campaign and can be seen for itself in it’s full glory at .

1. Opt for a short bottom skimming trench instead this spring seen at both Burberry and Dior.

2. Try a one in a pastel colour if your re bored of the classic trench.

3. A short trench in a dark camel works well with the Safari / Utility trend.

4. Add those Louise Goldin studded heels to double team on nudes.

5. Portobello always has a great selection of vintage Burberry trenches for sale around the market area.

Or ignore all of this and go for Topshop’s PVC trench. I, personally LOVE this trench. I think it’s great for those rainy but sunny Spring days. I have liked the idea of a PVC trench since the one the Agent Provocateur brought out a couple of seasons ago. This Topshop version however, has none of that great embedded fishnet for ultimate
underwear as outerwear look.

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