Hat Trick.

With the weather being completely unbearable as of late, one quick sure way to ensure warm snugness when being the Girl About Town is to invest in a hat.

I came across this on Net A Porter, and thought I must share.

This is a DIY hat kit, complete with knitting needles, wool and a hat pattern.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love a challenge, and I love a hat, but absolutely no part of me wants to pay £69 for the privilege of making my own hat.

But, if the sound of a homemade hat really floats your boat then have a look at I love Hats.

Fancy like a custom made hat and scarf this winter? Yes please.

Although we clearly want to keep these our self, they are going to make the most thoughtful and cosy gifts for your buddies too. Brilliant.

What’s great about I love Hats is that each hat is hand made to order by the wonderful creator Bella Seal. All made with lovely merino wool, and the best thing…the choice of colours.

I really fancy like a neon yellow and rose one.

Finally, This one is going on my Christmas list.

This PVC hood from Maison Michel is sick. Maison Michel has been making hats, both ready to wear and custom made, since 1936. The brand reaches to a practical and classic customer and a rock and roll and fashion customer. They have been getting an increasing amount of editorial press of late too.

It's a little bit old lady, but I love it. The tartan trim is sick too, I can add to the rest of the tartan I've invested in this winter. Big look.

Be sure to check out their website, or check them out in Browns. I like their hairbands too.

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  1. these hats are a poor quality copy of many ski bum designed hats to supplement badly paid jobs on the slopes - nice idea but not very good in practice.