Tis the season of The Sale

I always promise myself that I will save all my pennies during the year like a good squirrel and splash out in the Harrods or Selfridges sale. They always have mega bargains. Obviously this plan never works.

It is difficult to rummage through a messy sale items on Topshop’s floor while receiving mail outs about all the shiny new season, full price stock.

I must say the Vogue Spring Summer 2010 runway report has got me all excited about spring time outfits and spring time weather.

I am going to allow doing my own round of the year that has passed, or decade, and bore you with my opinions of best dressed and best moments. But if that is your thing, the Grazia xmas bumper issue did a mega one.

I haven’t started the year with any major resolutions apart from to try and be an all round nicer person. But here are a couple of other resolutions that I am making and hoping to keep.

1. To take better care of my clothes. (Especially the expensive ones and dry clean only ones that live at the bottom of the laundry basket.)
2. To take better care of my shoes.
3. To stop wearing the Christopher Kane T shirt I promised I would keep in a drawer for two years.

I’m sure there are way more that will come to me later.

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