All that glistens.

How do you say I love you at Christmas time...

With a shed load of jewels I’d say.

I noticed today that I haven’t included any jewelery on The All I Want For Christmas List. Tragic.

So here for all the bling fiends is a post dedicated to all things that sparkle.

First up, an ol’ fav of mine. Erickson Beamon.

I’m a massive fan of these embellished bangles. Stack them up for a big look.

What ever happened to our favorite Pucci wearing Zoe-bot Nicole Ritchie?

She shacked up and had a baby with the other one in Good Charlotte (not the one Paris was engaged to) and designed a killer range of jewelery.

Named lovingly after her daughter, not the Chav town in Essex, House of Harlow has defiantly made a great name for it’s self in the jewelery world, and with a surprisingly good price range. Boom.

I adore these Aztec bangles.

I do have to wonder if Nicole Ritchie has ever been to Harlow.

Finally, I couldn’t ignore this Parrot brooch by Alexis Bittar...

It will, without a doubt, make any outfit rad.

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