It's a man's world...

I can’t help but think the only place where it’s not a man’s world, is the fashion world.

After a recent collaboration with London based menswear designer, Carolyn Massey it has fueled my interest into the craft of menswear and has highlighted to me the importance of supporting this area of the fashion industry. Her passion for menswear is infectious and I found myself getting even more frustrated at the thought that menswear isn’t as celebrated or recognised for it’s exceptional tailoring and design, in comparison to womenswear.

A detail obsessive, Carolyn Massey is known for her quintessentially elegant English cuts and details. Reinventing the term ‘dressing like a gentleman’, she has demonstrated her ability to create formal dressing, which is neither boring nor traditional.

Bringing you all that is good about the world of menswear, with one on one interviews with designers, practitioners and creatives alike, street style, trend updates and more, I hope to highlight and celebrate the importance of menswear.



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  1. I did the soundtrack for the promo video buck style shot for carolyn masey's capsule collection for topshop.