Little Shop Of Horrors.

Living in Hackney, it's not rare to come across what can be described as a little shop of horrors. I would call the chicken shop on Well Street a little shop of horrors, unless I'm on the way home in the early hours, then it's the buff chicken shop.

I came across The Last Tuesday Society on Mare Street a while ago and finally found the time to pop in and see what it's all about. This place is a haven for anyone who likes taxidermy. I adore taxidermy and all things dead and fury. Which I guess is a little morbid. But I like it.

They have these amazing set of crows, I can't stop thinking about how good they would look on a navy blue matt wall. I also think the Great White Turtle shell would look amazing in the corner of my bathroom.

Downstairs in the shop is the Museum of Curiosity. I didn't get the chance to have a look as I was with Pebbles and she is likely to start a fight with one of the stuffed animals. She's clever like that.

The wonderful shop assistant told me of plans to introduce a taxidermy course on the premises which of course, is something I would be into.

There is a whole lot more to The Last Tuesday Society, so have a butchers at their website and pop in when in the ends.


  1. I want to deck my country manor with all these little treats!

  2. Need to buy the country manor first!!