An Interesting Choice.

Peter Jensen, a designer known for his individual approach to fashion may just be your next inspiration for you this spring.

A designer more often written about for his womenswear collections, I thought that his unique workings with menswear deserved a shout out.

Looking to his S/S 10 collection, his designs are distinctive and beautifully made.
They are the chic side of geek, effortlessly styled, light hearted and humorous.

Modelling his own collection, Peter Jensen clearly thinks there is no better man to do the job. Injecting a shot of personality into his clothes, they immediately become conceptually captivating with a celebratory approach to individuality.

A collection infused with whimsical character, Jensen’s work always brings a smile to my face and I’m sure you understand why. If there is ever a time to associate the work ‘delightful’ with fashion, this is IT.

Here’s one for the girls.

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