duffle bag yo

Remember those Gio-Goi duffle bags from the nineties? I had a Take That one from Seven Sisters Market that I thought was superbadman.

I never wore it at the same time as my Take That t shirt thought, even as a younger I knew that was a wrong move. However, If I could of predicted the middle age Man Band comeback we are experiencing now from Take That I probably would have allowed both. 

Nevertheless, the duffle bag was a staple item of the nineties and was soon replaced with the not as adequate Nike drawstring bag. My dad bought me an Ellesse one instead of the Nike one I wanted because it was made from a more durable fabric. I was so pissed then, but now I look back it was kind of a power move.

"Cheap is expensive" 

So the dufflebag is making a comeback and who better to bring it back than my pal John and his buff girlfriend Charlotte. Obviously, these bags have had an upgrade since the nineties and have come out looking and chic and made with UK sourced fabric. I guess you can probably even get one to match the colours on your fixed gear. 

John and Charlotte made a couple of bags for premium menswear label Utile Clothing, but are now taking orders via email so drop them a line on 

if you are into these or would like more information

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