Zap (the lolly) The Outfit

undoubtedly the best thing you can buy from an ice cream van. 

These days both Zapp's and decent ice cream vans are difficult to come by.

Imagine my surprise / delight finding Zapp at my new favorite ice cream van on the holloway road.

(it was not 65p, more like £1.30)

i was inspired by  

my lolly


Saoirse's lolly  +  Barbie pink nails

neon sherbet at SugaCane on Chapel Market - official new favorite place to buy sweeties

top - H+M

Shorts - Billabon

belt -H+M

wind runner - Nike

shoes - Nike Air Max 90's

I created these dip dye effect shorts by taking an old pair of white shorts i bought in Australia in 1999!

firstly dip them in a neon green dye mix made with Dylon Tropical Green (watered down to give a translucent effect)


dipped again in Dylon Flamingo Pink, again, watered down


wear whilst eating sherbet and white mice

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