When nails did just aint enough...

I popped into the Push PR press day last week so see what was new for SS11, and seeing as last season I induldged in a dance with a devilishly handsome Jeff Goldblum. It would be silly not to pop in.

Lucky me had the pleasure of meeting Joshiv, the creator of Joshiv henna products and currently the holder of the fastest mendhi artist in the Guinness Book of Records, a title she gained back in 1998.

When I told her I was djing that night she insisted I had a go at some henna on my hand.

Joshiv worked so quickly and neatly leaving me with a super cute glitter pattern to match my (chipped) mint nails.

If nails did just aint enough for you either, check out Joshiv's range on

(Images from Push PR London and Fashion Foie Gras)

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