We Have Lift Off!

I don’t know about you but I’m craving knitwear with a side of shearling. We have slowly edged towards the end of summer we have fallen straight into the Autumn delight of September so it’s time to start considering your AW10 wardrobe.
The best time of year for me, you can indulge yourself in an array of new clothing that wasn’t available to you in the summer. Understated layering, with knits top to toe and a chunky boot - And yes boys, this does apply to you too.
A collection that has caught my eye for AW10 is Acne. Jonny Johansson has presented a collection that is most importantly wearable, with key pieces that together create a strong, modern and considered statement. Presented in London and Stockholm, the menswear (and not forgetting the womenswear), is a showcase of combined inspiration from the likes of Star Wars and aviation’s First Lady Amelia Earhart..

Acne AW10 Stockholm Presentation from Acne Studios on Vimeo.

Think: flight details, waxed jeans, feminine inspired silk shirts, classic cuts with lots draping and layering.

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