Memoirs of a shoe...

Well, my favourite shoes are not a pair I wear the most. In fact a pair that I never wear at all. These shoes have had one outing and one outing only, and that was my 21st birthday party a good few years ago.

The shoes in question are by none other than Marjan Pejoski. Marjan Pejoski - famous for THAT swan dress that Bjork wore. They are the most dusky shade of pink mesh and ties around the ankle with a leather bow in the same shade of dusty pink.

Perfection. But not priceless. These shoes came at a small price (large price made slightly smaller by the lovely Alex Carle at KTZ)

I remember the first time I saw these shoes sitting on the lonely rack to Kokon to Zai back in the summer of 2007. Words cannot describe how these shoes made me feel. Instantly, I needed them. Only to be told that these shoes were not in fact shoes. They were a mock pair. A pair of shoes, that looks like shoes, talked like shoes and but in reality didn’t walk like shoes.

There were not made with enough strength to allow said feet to jump into them and run around town in them.


This probably would have put most people off instantly. But me no. I don’t know if it was the part of me that had just started earning actual money that made me want to own them or just pure greed.

Nevertheless, these shoes now sit proudly in my glass dressing tables along with the broken Chanel belt I purchased (as seen) and everything else I just like to stare at.

*images of mega shoes to follow

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