Waist Not, Want Not.

Though Simon might not know this, Simon Cowell I’m talking about… he was actually right. It turns out that wearing your trousers up by your waist is actually, erm, cool?!

We all know that this has been an acceptable trend for women but for men it has been a massive no no - until now.

Say hello to your new staple piece of clothing for A/W 10 – The High Waisted Trouser and you’ve got clothing label Forgotten Future to thank for that.

High waisted pleated corduroy trouser with a ‘carrot-style leg’ and zip detailing.

Forgotten Future is a menswear brand created by designer Richard Dawson. Launched at this years On|Off event during London Fashion Week, the A/W 10 collection is an influential combination of constructivist graphics and the ‘No Wave’ music scene in 1970s New York.

Similar to the ‘anti everything’ notion of ‘New Wave’, this collection exudes the alternative. Long sleeves become short, t –shirts can be unzipped, blazers into boleros, oh and as you can see, corduroy makes an appearance too.

Forgotten Future, A/W 10 Collection



A Must Read: No Wave: Post-Punk. Underground. New York 1976-1980 by Thurston Moore and Byran Coley's


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