Let’s Play Dress Up.

I’ve never really over thought or questioned how I dress nor have I ever really tried to mimic someone else, so when just the other day someone suggested that I have “Ageless” style I was some what complimented.

By Ageless style they weren’t implying that I rock ‘grandma chic’ but that I bust all the rules to dressing my age. – Ladylike. The more I then thought about it, the more I began to notice other people taking the same approach.

Take loafers and brogues for example. A shoe typically you’d expect your Dad or Grandad to be wearing but instead young men AND women have taken it on as their own.

Style has no boundaries and has become a form of communication and a way to express personality and aspirations – and it’s interesting how women adopt men’s fashion for an androgynous street look.

There are no rules to say how we should and shouldn’t dress just because of our age or sex. If used correctly, clothing can change and disguise yourself to be anyone you want to be.

Do not underestimate the power of fashion.


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