Princess Peach + Miu Miu

I cam across this video made by Andreas Heikaus for his thesis at the university of applied science and art, Hanover.

Super Mario Bros. from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.

Got me thinking about the Princess Peach style maxi dress in the window of a charity shop in Stoke Newington. Most needed if I ever felt the need to dress up as Princess Peach. Which i'm hoping will be rather soon.

Rather gutted that I didn't get the chance to pop down to the Lula magazine pop up shop in Harvey Nichols recently, but have been catching up with all the other bloggers who went. From the photo's it's everything I expected from Lula. Uber cute. I especially love the pieces selected by Lula magazine that included these reissued archive Miu Miu shoes.

I obsessed over these shoes the first time round, and after my DIY attempt not going swimmingly, the temptation to pop down to Harvey Nics and make them mine is all too tempting. I think they would be the perfect addition to the Princess Peach outfit.

Then this made me laugh.

Photographs of Lula Pop up shop from Style Bubble.

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