Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


Response - HELL YEAH!

Immediately I question what one would wear shooting? A large part of me is glad I opted not to wear my Jeffery Campbell Woodies. I may have looked quite the plonker holding a shotgun wearing clogs. I instead opted for my trusty deck shoes, which made me look like one of the country set. Hooray.

All guests were chauffeured to the destination courtesy of Land Rover in brand spanking new super slick Range Rover Sports. I imagine we looked kinda epic cruising down the motorway to High Wycombe. Kinda like when Obama came to London. I was luck enough to share my journey with the wonderful Miggy from Miggy likes the Internet and Nicola Day from Wired Magazine. I’ve been following Miggy’s blog for a while now so it was great to finally meet her.

Unfortunately I forgot to put the SD card in the camera before I left so I have no actually evidence of me being badass with a shotgun. So you are going to have to take my word for it.

I was in a team with the gorgeous Clara Paget looking chic and ninja like in all black and DM boots.

I spied a few guests looking uber chic in their Anya Hindmarsh X Barbour jackets. Major jacket envy. Then I spied this Mulberry Alexa in tweed casually hanging across Wonderland Magazine’s Becky Davies. Serious bag envy.

Lunch was a chance to catch up with some old and new faces. Was wonderful to meet designer Gemma Slack, who I found out shares the same studio space I work at in Dalston, small fashion world eh?! Had a chat with the super handsome David Gandy who filled me in on a coming project he is working on with Reiss. Sounds amazing, so keep a look out.

All in all was a great day. I took to shooting like a duck to water, quite worrying really but I may have found my sport. Nevertheless we didn’t win. But we did come 4th. Not bad for a group of girls. Many many thanks to Nicole and the team at Dust, and everyone at Barbour and Land Rover for a truly rad day.

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