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I’ve recently been scouring the net in hope to find the perfect backpack. As a gift for a male significant other you ask? No, not at all - a gift for myself. A backpack is practical, yet extremely chic - geek chic.

‘akindofguise’ - “Live What You Love”

It is on this search that I stumbled across Munich based label, ‘akindofguise’ which happens to be exclusively stocked at Wood Wood in Berlin. Their backpacks are beautifully handcrafted from the finest and softest leather and outshine any other bag with personality and flair. Just like their backpacks, ‘akindofguise’ are a brand of quality with each piece from their collection being limited edition or one of a kind.

'akindofguise’ - “Live What You Love”

Their collection, “Live What You Love” is unique and a league of it’s own. Have I been to Berlin you ask? Have you seen if for yourself? No, but I have seen their stop motion video.

akindofguise 02-10 from akindofguise on Vimeo.

Watch and Enjoy.

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