Ginger Timeline.

I <3 Areil

Best Female Disney character by a mile. (Eric was the fittest, but very closely followed by Aladdin)

I love LiLo. I don't care what anyone says. I remember watching the remake of The Parent Trap when I was tiny and thinking little LiLo was the prettiest girl in the world.

Do you remember when Lindsay looked like this? I still love you Lindsay despite your constant dodgy tweeting.

Ginger Spice did a lot for Gingers in the 90's. A few weeks ago I tracked down one of these Union Jack dresses. Winner.

Now, the prettiest Ginger in the world, my Mama.

Mama Chaves 1987

Check my Ma's yellow Jaeger shirt. And the white waist belt. No doubting this photo is from the 80's..

And finally, the Man who did for Gingers what Daniel O'Donnell did for Ireland. This is one we don't mention so much.

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