Fade to grey.

Girls (and boys) swear (down) by their favorite T shirt brand, and luxury retailers have no shortage of expensive T shirts.

The Grey Jersey Tee (GJT) is gradually replacing the place in your wardrobe where you had 100 x striped tops. (Don't get me wrong, there is still some room in the wardrobe for the stripy tee.)

Midi Dress £38 (cashmere mix) Topshop Boutique

The need / desire for luxury basics is becoming more and more apparent lately as none other than the mecca of the high street, Topshop, has launched their range of Boutique Basics. Expect to see a lot of cashmere mixes and new draping cuts, all for a reasonable ish price.

There are a few things to look out for when spending super money on a GJT. The quality of the fabric is by far the most important, as this will determine fit, how it will wash, how long it will last. With this in mind it is probably best we don't spend our money in American Apparel. I don't think many people are best pleased with their made in "downtown LA" quality.

Here is a pick of the best luxury tees around at the mo.

LNA - $75 (uk price may differ slightly)

Alexander Wang - £95 - Feathers

American Vintage - Cashmere mix - £50 -

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