MAN Day.

What a massive fail. My body decides to let me down the ONE day that I ask it nicely that it doesn’t --- Menswear Day. Hoping to catch a glimpse of some of London’s finest menswear designers, I instead had to view it from the comfort of my bed.
Dressed in my finest lounge wear I sat and gazed at a screen of exceptional menswear design.

I’m sure, not to your surprise, first on show was London based designer Carolyn Massey. A military inspired collection of faded prints, layered styling while combining structure with knits. The palette though still very masculine, was grey and rose tinted with a combination of muted hues from a Tokyo sunrise; an inspiration from her recent Tokyo visit.

To create this collection, Carolyn immersed herself into her study, exploring into the past of military patterns, union suits, flight suits and smocks that were all released exclusively for her research. Her passion, interest and dedication into her research is inspiring as she combines her findings with her visions for fine menswear to produce work of beautiful craftsmanship and fine detailing.

Massey’s collections have gone from strength to strength as she allows her creativity and talent to evolve with input from other designers. A recent collaboration with print designer Sam Cotton has produced and ensured the consistent nostalgic feel running through her collection.

Another one of my favorites was J W Anderson. His fourth collection at Menswear Day, he displayed an array of plaid made from a blanket like fabric to create a ‘posh –punk’ look. An influence of a Scottish fashion with cream knitwear as well as over-sized biker jackets, neck buckles and over washed T-shirts with detailing in brown leather and studs.

Anderson is clearly in touch with his feminine side, as he experiments with beautiful flowers intertwined in a pair of lace up boots. Maybe not the most obvious combination with leather and studs, but it works. An idea I may have to try myself.

Never to let us down, Menswear day was a great success displaying the diversity of menswear talent. There may be a long way to go before menswear is in level stead with womenswear at LFW but this one day is essential in supporting and celebrating the hardwork, dedication and talent in menswear today.

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