It's a look.

Over the weekend I ventured out to the cinema to catch "A Single Man". This being a rare occurrence as I normally just download shit. Although it has had some mixed reviews I thought the film was beautiful from start to finish, a true piece of cinematic beauty. Who ever it was that described it as a cross with Mad Men and a Gucci campaign wasn't far wrong.

The costume design for the film was headed by super pro Arianne Phillips, who is so damn good she has been nominated for Oscars and BAFTAs for her work, which includes Walk The Line. Remember how good Reese Witherspoon looked??

Also, I have had a problem with Nicholas Hoult from the very first time I saw him in About A Boy. No reason in particular, which sounds awfully mean. But much to my surprise he didn't bother me so much in this film. I loved his outfit. More men should rock white skinnys like this. Not like Bozza. Yuck.

Anyway, here are some screen shots from the film. Go see.

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