I know where it's at.

New utility is where it's at. New Utility is modern military, it can be Safari park keeper but is not Old Utility. This time round is far away from the last time we were graced with military. Things have moved on from 90's grunge and All Saint's inspired outfits. 2010 military is a more grown up version of more polished, less baggy and shorter hem lines. Chloe, amongst others demonstrated the utilitarian look perfectly.

The safari trend carries most of the same basics of the modern military, but with some added tribal and large animal print.

In conclusion, military will dominate the high street very quickly and become very tiresome. But it a nice break from the pastel prettiness i'm donning for spring. My only worry is that we will see a rise of those red frogging jackets a la Libertines.

April O'Neil - Original Utility Chic.

I leave you with the debut single from All Saints from way back in 1997. I have had this stuck in my head all day.

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