Now I must say. I have lost my love for American Apparel.

There was once a time when I owned the scoop neck dresses in every colour. Unfortunately, as time passed, and prices went up, I looked to labels like LNA to provide that sexy sheer tee. Sorry Dov.

But now, this has got me all excited. American Apparel has launched their very own range of nails varnishes. At a fiver a pop and with oh so on trend colours like, mouse and factory Grey I think they are onto a winner.

And for those of you who don’t like to paint your own nails you will be pleased to know that WAH! Nails are back with two more pop up salons to keep your nails fresh for Spring. Keep checking back for more deets. Until then the Kingsland Rd salon is open as usual.

Be sure to try out their super cool Essie matt finish topcoat which kind of makes your nails look like velvet. Yum.

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