It's looking to be a Chanel summer

I do love the new Chanel campaign. Mind you, anything would be an improvement from those Lily Allen pictures. Not much against Lily, just really didn’t see her as an iconic face of Chanel. Same goes for Keira Knightly. After watching the Lagerfeld Confidential documentary, and various other interviews with Chanel’s main man Karl Lagerfeld it is clear he has very focussed ideas for Chanel that deeply represent and reflect its history as a fashion house. He has talked about how he feels there is a strong comparison to be made between Lily Allen and Coco Chanel herself., their strong and rebellious nature perhaps?

Back to the matter in hand. The editorial featuring Freja Beha Erichsen and the Spanish hat.

The Spanish hat, known simply as "wide-brimmed hat”, or not so simply as the Cordoban hat, is traditionally made in the city of Cordova, Spain. It is typically made in Black, although can now be seen in a range of colours.

I think this could replace the boater as a summertime look. Which seems a shame as I never got the chance to wear the wonderful hand woven boater I purchased from No 1, Kingsland Road. Now it just sits on the negative mannequin with no head or arms that lives in my room, praying for a sunny day!

My Cordoban is on it's way thanks to a Spanish ebay seller. Winner. I'm thinking of rocking it with the white embroidered parasol i bought in Pisa. Amish like.

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