An Interview with Lewis Hamilton

My name is Lewis Hamilton (yes THE Lewis Hamilton and NO not the one that drives cars!) I work for Topman in their Head Office, and my job role is officially 'Content Co-ordinator' I look after the Topman Blog as the main editor and contributor, I also look after Facebook, Twitter and organise the online Latest Trend photoshoots and our online coverage of London Fashion Week.

1. When did you start to establish your fashion identity?

I think in terms of having my own 'style' it's quite hard to say. I don't kid myself into thinking I’m totally original when I shop at Topman and Rokit - I think in terms of how I wear things, picking up on new trends and trying something different, I’ve probably been doing this since I left school I suppose! Working in the industry since the age of 18 has helped mould me into what I am today.

2. How does your style reflect your personality?

I think my clothing style varies LOTS! The staple item is usually black skinnies, though I have been known to wear Chino's on the odd occasion. Apart from that, I love wearing different colours, usually matching...I think my style overall (including the hair) hopefully tells people that I have a sense of humour, and am open to trying new things. I’m not one to criticise someone for looking different. Ps - I think shoes are one of the most important (and overlooked) parts of an outfit...sort it out gents, the ladies have it spot on!

3. What is your greatest inspiration?

I think my greatest inspiration for EVERYTHING is my family, and in particular my closest family - mum, dad, sister and the very important little nephew Eoin.

4. How did you get into DJing as well the fashion side of things?

Fashion I got into, as I was passionate about my clothes, and those of others. I saw a really strong career in it...and it was something I loved! DJing I got into out of boredom...going out when I lived in Milton Keynes got so repetitive and the scene was dying. Me and my best mates started our first alternative night for our friends to come too and the passion for DJing started there! Though I had no idea what I was doing if I’m honest...

5. Music and Fashion are such a huge part of your life, why is that you think they both work so well together?

Music and fashion always go hand in hand. A certain style of music usually depicts what that artist might wear...look at mods and rockers and punks for example! Most current fashions now are adaptations of those styles. I think my job and my hobby go hand in hand (apart from the late nights and early mornings...) as the 'scenes' are similar and definitely intertwined. I'll see a lot of people I work with coming to the nights I DJ at and infact 7oel, the other half of ELECTROCUTION, I met through work!!!

6. What do you think sets London apart from the other Fashion capitals?

I think London is very very forward thinking. Being away from the European grouping of countries that share people and ideas quite easily and fluidly, I think London has become a destination and hub for talented people in this industry. People from all over the world recognise that London is THE place to be to study and work in fashion - therefore they bring their cultures with it and we have what we see today - eclecticism at it's best. I love it! That's not to say our home-grown talent doesn't do it's part...this year will be big for British talent for sure.

7. Who are your favourite designers?

My favourite designers really change like the weather. I tend to like one season's collection then fall out of love the next season. Definitely one consistent designer for me has to be Carolyn Massey - I get to see her Topman designs everyday in the office and have had the pleasure meeting her on a few occasions too. Her designs are very clean, simple and the colour palettes always wow me - simple yet quite striking. Oh and I’ve also been very impressed with Carola Euler too - for many of the same reasons!

8. What do you think will be the next big menswear trend for this year?

Big trends...I think the slow downfall of the skinny jean and the introduction of the carrot fit jean will be a big shake up of means fashion. Also I think finer fabrics and tighter colour palettes and clean lines will overtake any last dragging bits of neon rave out there.

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