Whensa you Dolmio day?

Here is another bumper of the All I want For Christmas list.

The lack of posting is due to a Euro mini break in a town famed for it’s wonky architecture.

Everyone in Pisa looked like this.

Not really. More like this.

I adore the Italians shameless attitude towards wearing fur, I blended in well with the locals with my possum fur hat.

So the barbarian in me picked this little beanie, exclusive to net a porter this knitted rabbit fur beanie by Karl Donoghue is the ultimate in Christmas luxury. I think it would be the cherry on top of my ice skating outfit.

Now for a new length for me, with me not being like 5’10” I was under the impression that the maxi length and me would not get on. Wrong. Maxi length can be rocked without model features, preferably with sick pair of platforms though. Grey jersey.
Topshop Boutique. Winner.

Finally, this Timex watch is cheap and cheerful and will add the ultimate finishing touch to your pastel perfect spring look.


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