Jack the new Black?

Now for the third installment of The All I Want For Christmas List. If you’re feeling weather beaten and wimpy then stick this on your Christmas list and maybe someone super nice will buy it for you.

Barbour Union Jack. Stocked exclusively at Selfridges for 499 of your hard earned pounds.

Decorating my first Christmas tree in my humble abode in Hackney this year. Exciting. I have high hopes of what the finished tree will look like. Something like this maybe.

This is John Galliano’s answer to Glamour Noel! This 20 ft papier-mâché creation will be standing proud in the lobby of Claridges. Pop down if you get the chance. Claridges at Christmas. Excellent.

I came across these quirky baubles in the Liberty Christmas shop and it got me all excited about decorating the tree.

But at £19.99 per bauble I can’t help but think that with an artistic hand and a bit of paint you could recreate one in minutes.

And we all knew good news came in threes, but how cute are these?

I have to admit a small part of me fears it will look like Christmas at Nick Griffins house. Never mind.

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