Hong Kong Phooey (>.<)

喂 - Hello.

Hong Kong is whole world away from London. Especially for a westerner like me that strives on the home comforts of Earl Grey and cheese on toast.

Jetlag is a killer. In the small hours when I can’t sleep I have started watching Mad Men. Mega.

The night markets are next level, but nevertheless charming. There are many stalls selling a variety of replica Louis’ and dodgy Birkins accompanied by eager stallholders that chase you down the market offering “special discount for missy”, me being missy.

Regardless of this you can find super little trinkets. The sort of accessories that would cost around £20 in somewhere sell out like Urban Outfitters can be found here for a fraction of the price, and with bucket loads more originality

I have found the cutest little shop around a back street of the electronics district that had the biggest selection of Vintage Chanels I have ever seen. I may treat myself to the uber large 2.55, or a nineties Chanel backpack, funds providing, of course.

Street style here has been massively hit and miss. I think I may be in the wrong part of town, but I did manage to find this guy. The photo does this outfit no justice. I think he’s rad apart from the fishnet and Mary - Jane combo. Negative.

The whole purpose of the trip was to accompany my boyfriend on business. How glam? So now we are leaving HK and embarking on a journey to mainland China, we’ll as soon as we have sorted out the Visa beef.

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