Do the logo motion.

Do the logo motion.

This trend brings a very literal meaning to wearing your heart on your sleeve, especially in the case of a vintage Moshcino tee. When did it become cool to wear logos again? Is it a result of the craziest recession in history, the only recession where prices are actually rising? Or is it down to the nineties revival that is making an undeniable comeback? Never the less, it has never been more on trend to show your labels in the most obvious way.

Anyone remember the back of the t-shirt logo? Maybe that will be making a comeback next?? It was a massive nineties trend to have your logos on show, and with the revival of all things nineties it was only a matter of time before we were rocking out old Versace Tees and iceberg print jeans. Don't rush out and spend all your hard earned credit crunch pennies on this trend, this is a trend that starts at home. Dig out your old bits, and when you've finished dig through your ma's wardrobe, I have no doubt everyone will find something appropriately tacky and trend worthy.

I'll be rocking my YSL pink tee this fashion week, courtesy of sports direct, £3.99.

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