Hat Trick.

With the weather being completely unbearable as of late, one quick sure way to ensure warm snugness when being the Girl About Town is to invest in a hat.

I came across this on Net A Porter, and thought I must share.

This is a DIY hat kit, complete with knitting needles, wool and a hat pattern.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love a challenge, and I love a hat, but absolutely no part of me wants to pay £69 for the privilege of making my own hat.

But, if the sound of a homemade hat really floats your boat then have a look at I love Hats.

Fancy like a custom made hat and scarf this winter? Yes please.

Although we clearly want to keep these our self, they are going to make the most thoughtful and cosy gifts for your buddies too. Brilliant.

What’s great about I love Hats is that each hat is hand made to order by the wonderful creator Bella Seal. All made with lovely merino wool, and the best thing…the choice of colours.

I really fancy like a neon yellow and rose one.

Finally, This one is going on my Christmas list.

This PVC hood from Maison Michel is sick. Maison Michel has been making hats, both ready to wear and custom made, since 1936. The brand reaches to a practical and classic customer and a rock and roll and fashion customer. They have been getting an increasing amount of editorial press of late too.

It's a little bit old lady, but I love it. The tartan trim is sick too, I can add to the rest of the tartan I've invested in this winter. Big look.

Be sure to check out their website, or check them out in Browns. I like their hairbands too.


All that glistens.

How do you say I love you at Christmas time...

With a shed load of jewels I’d say.

I noticed today that I haven’t included any jewelery on The All I Want For Christmas List. Tragic.

So here for all the bling fiends is a post dedicated to all things that sparkle.

First up, an ol’ fav of mine. Erickson Beamon.

I’m a massive fan of these embellished bangles. Stack them up for a big look.

What ever happened to our favorite Pucci wearing Zoe-bot Nicole Ritchie?

She shacked up and had a baby with the other one in Good Charlotte (not the one Paris was engaged to) and designed a killer range of jewelery.

Named lovingly after her daughter, not the Chav town in Essex, House of Harlow has defiantly made a great name for it’s self in the jewelery world, and with a surprisingly good price range. Boom.

I adore these Aztec bangles.

I do have to wonder if Nicole Ritchie has ever been to Harlow.

Finally, I couldn’t ignore this Parrot brooch by Alexis Bittar...

It will, without a doubt, make any outfit rad.

It's a man's world...

I can’t help but think the only place where it’s not a man’s world, is the fashion world.

After a recent collaboration with London based menswear designer, Carolyn Massey it has fueled my interest into the craft of menswear and has highlighted to me the importance of supporting this area of the fashion industry. Her passion for menswear is infectious and I found myself getting even more frustrated at the thought that menswear isn’t as celebrated or recognised for it’s exceptional tailoring and design, in comparison to womenswear.

A detail obsessive, Carolyn Massey is known for her quintessentially elegant English cuts and details. Reinventing the term ‘dressing like a gentleman’, she has demonstrated her ability to create formal dressing, which is neither boring nor traditional.

Bringing you all that is good about the world of menswear, with one on one interviews with designers, practitioners and creatives alike, street style, trend updates and more, I hope to highlight and celebrate the importance of menswear.



Tweet tweet.

In Pisa flicking through the December issue of Vogue Italia, whilst indulging in the worlds best hot chocolate I came across Steven Meisel's twitter style editorial. It made me chuckle.


When Mariah was a hottie...

I love this song.

I love this video.

I love the fight scene in the loo.

I remember loving her pink crop top and jeans combo when I was a young'un.

Whensa you Dolmio day?

Here is another bumper of the All I want For Christmas list.

The lack of posting is due to a Euro mini break in a town famed for it’s wonky architecture.

Everyone in Pisa looked like this.

Not really. More like this.

I adore the Italians shameless attitude towards wearing fur, I blended in well with the locals with my possum fur hat.

So the barbarian in me picked this little beanie, exclusive to net a porter this knitted rabbit fur beanie by Karl Donoghue is the ultimate in Christmas luxury. I think it would be the cherry on top of my ice skating outfit.

Now for a new length for me, with me not being like 5’10” I was under the impression that the maxi length and me would not get on. Wrong. Maxi length can be rocked without model features, preferably with sick pair of platforms though. Grey jersey.
Topshop Boutique. Winner.

Finally, this Timex watch is cheap and cheerful and will add the ultimate finishing touch to your pastel perfect spring look.




Beyonce looks damn fine in this video.

Gaga, not so much.

I love love love the monochrome two piece beyonce rocks.

Also, how fit does Beyonce look as Betty Page?


Home is where the heart is.

A weekend of sample sales and Christmas planning has meant all quiet on the posting front.

The Christopher Kane sample sale was being held at the London Newcastle project space on Redchurch Street, spitting distance from the trusty bagel shop. I arrive at the sale equipped with a salmon bagel and my pooch. I was disappointed to see a whole load of empty ish racks. The sale had opened the evening before and was told by the sales staff that people were queuing for hours. Mental. Reluctant to leave empty handed I sold out and bought one of those damn monkey t-shirts.

I arrived at the Emma Cook sample bright and early Saturday morning, I was especially excited about the advertised ‘£15 bargain rail’. Imagine the disappoint with the SOLD OUT written on the door. Bummer.

To make up for the lack of posts here is a triple whammy All I Want For Christmas installment.

I have decided to stick to the theme ‘Home ware’.

Everybody loves home ware. I love home ware.

Firstly are these Afternoon Tea bits and bobs by Undergrowth that first got me excited. I love a cuppa. I saw these in the window of Lifestyle Bazaar on Kingsland Road.

I love the sugar pot.

How cute are the diddy teaspoons. They spell "Etc." Brilliant.

They are also for sale in Liberty. Check them out, they have a whole load of matching cake stands and plates too. Winner.

Next up is this metal hook in the shape of a dear, as it is described on the Zara Home website. I have an obsession with those taxidermy deer heads that go on the wall of country pubs and homes. I hope to have one in my house soon. But until then I’ll settle with a couple of these. It’ll set you back a rather precise £19.90 per head.

Finally are these rather old fogey like Waterford crystal candle sticks from department store bore Debenhams. I don’t know what drew my attention to these immediately, but I love big churchy style candles in the home. 100 quid for the pair.

I think these would look great on my herringbone grey walls and next to those neon orange roses I buy from Tesco sometimes.

In Vogue.

So I'm in Vogue this month. Granted I'm in the background of the shot of Alex Curran, who is very model like in real life. She kinda makes me look like a dwarf.

Alex was photographed by the wonderful Alistair Guy for Vogue on a story that followed her round East London.



Barbie got back.

Well, we all thought Barbie was a bitch with her tiny waist, long legs and perky bosoms, but it gets worse. Barbie got herself a deal with the King of shoes Mr Christian Louboutin.

I never thought I would be massively fussed for the limited edition Christian Louboutin Cat Burglar Barbie, but I was wrong. Barbie is wearing a leather catsuit and comes with 4 different pairs of shoes. She even has THOSE leopard print boots. Bitch.

This is my number 4 on the All I Want For Christmas List. Sold at Net A Porter.

I think I like the box more than the Barbie.

I also like that Barbie has red hair. Since when did Barbie have booty?!

Jack the new Black?

Now for the third installment of The All I Want For Christmas List. If you’re feeling weather beaten and wimpy then stick this on your Christmas list and maybe someone super nice will buy it for you.

Barbour Union Jack. Stocked exclusively at Selfridges for 499 of your hard earned pounds.

Decorating my first Christmas tree in my humble abode in Hackney this year. Exciting. I have high hopes of what the finished tree will look like. Something like this maybe.

This is John Galliano’s answer to Glamour Noel! This 20 ft papier-mâché creation will be standing proud in the lobby of Claridges. Pop down if you get the chance. Claridges at Christmas. Excellent.

I came across these quirky baubles in the Liberty Christmas shop and it got me all excited about decorating the tree.

But at £19.99 per bauble I can’t help but think that with an artistic hand and a bit of paint you could recreate one in minutes.

And we all knew good news came in threes, but how cute are these?

I have to admit a small part of me fears it will look like Christmas at Nick Griffins house. Never mind.


Everybody loves a good body.

Next on my All I Want For Christmas list is this body from hosiery brand Bebaroque.

This body is perfection. The fabric mix makes for a great fit. The geometric pattern on the sheer fabric makes a statement. The button under the gusset keeps those awkward undressing in toilet moments to a minimum. Winner all round I'd say. It is avaliable at Liberty for the kind sum of £100.

I first came across this brand when shooting a western theme editorial story and they had the perfect stockings to fit to the picture.

Wouldn't you agree? Here is the shot from the story.

All Bebaroque products are both designed and manufactured in bonnie Scotland by Chloe and Mhairi, the lovely ladies behind the brand, using hand embroidery and print. How refreshing?!

To see the amazing range of legwear etc available have a butchers on the website



Pinch Punch First of the Month.

Well, I guess we can officially say that it’s nearly Christmas.

All you haters that beef about Christmas coming too early can hush now because it’s nearly here.

To get you excited I have compiled my very own All I want for Christmas List.

First to make it onto the list is this Gaga style leatherette bra from Topshop.

Obviously this needs to be rocked hard.

The bra reminds me of the bra used in the final scene of the insanely sick video for Gaga's Bad Romance.

The whole concept of this video was the brainchild of Haus of Gaga, the creative team behind Lady Gaga that includes super stylist Nicola Formacetti and the wonderfully handsome Hedi Slimane.

Obviously this McQueen outfit needs little introduction.


Still from the video were kindly borrowed from Nicola's blog.